So, instead of writing these elaborate reviews for every place in the country, or pulling questionable yelp! reviews, we came up with a quick system to give you the key facts about a store before going in.  This is an ever growing list, and we're definitely open to adding new trophies.  Send your thoughts here.  If we use it, we'll be happy to credit you for coming up with such a great idea.


The Good...

Retro Game Hunter Gold - This trophy goes to the top store in a particular region, as evaluated by a member of the RGH staff. Only stores personally visited by a staff member are considered for this trophy.
Retro Game Hunter Top Store - Any particularly excellent store in a region will receive this trophy. If you can only hit a few stores in a given area, this should be one of them.
Hey, Listen! - These stores have something else unique to offer, maybe an arcade, maybe a museum display, maybe something else. Point is, it's worth checking out!
Rare Cart - Hard to find, expensive items have been known to have been found in these stores.
Hidden Treasures - Valuable games have been found significantly under market value at these stores.
Let's Make a Deal - These shops are willing to come off of their published prices and make a deal with you.
Party Time - This trophy lets you know that these stores hold various gaming events. You'll need to contact them for more details.
Thank You For Your Service - This trophy lets you know that these stores offer a military discount.
Wrench - These shops also do system repairs, and maybe modifications, too.
Importers - You can expect to find a fair amount of imports at these stores.

The Bad...

Fakers - These stores have been caught knowingly passing off counterfeit games as originals. Be very careful with anything you purchse from them.
Money Burning - This will let you know that a majority of the items in these stores at priced considerably above similar eBay listings. Make sure you check those prices before you check out.
Tumbleweed - I know that beggars can't be choosers, but stores with this trophy have an especially barren stock of retro game items.

Just little note... I'm not an artist by any stretch of the imagination, but I was able to make this nifty little icons thanks to  It's an awsome free tool, and fun to play around with.  Go check it out.

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